The bridges in Salacgriva have always been of great importance. They have always meant connection and traffic in all directions as the Salaca River divides the town into two parts. The eastern part of the town is washed by the sea. If there are no bridges, the is no connection between the two banks of the Salaca. But it also means that the traffic to Riga, Tallinn and Pärnu is hindered. It happens to be that the road through Salacgriva has always been the shortest one from the capital of one country to the other. Today it is known as the VIA BALTICA road or European route E 67, which begins in Helsinki and goes through Tallinn and Pärnu. The route goes through Salacgriva at its 294th kilometre and then continues its way to Riga, Bauska, Vilnius, Warsaw and finishes in Prague.

However, it has not always been that easy.