The first part of 1920’s the events in the open air were quite popular – garden parties, child fests, sports events, etc. The most popular places where such events were organized in Latvia were: the Gulf of Olku at the river Korgite, the Gulf of Kuikule on the bank of the river Svetupe and Melnalksnu Park in Salacgriva. The most active organizers of the events were the local societies of that time: The Salacgriva Corporate Community, The Volunteer Firefighter Community of Salacgriva, and The Labour Union of Fishermen of the Salaca River. The most prominent among them were the balls organized by the lady committee of The Volunteer Firefighter Community of Salacgriva at the corporate event house.
The acquisition of the rights of a town by Salacgriva in 1928 was celebrated most ambitiously.