The end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century was the time when different social communities and societies were established in the countryside. At first the activity of local inhabitants was poor due to the resistance of the rural territory people to everything new and the necessity to gain the interest of the local inhabitants. The pre-establishment procedure, the establishment and the activity of the societies was thoroughly controlled. The governor had the right with no explanations to suspend and to stop the activity of any society.

The societies made the life in the small towns and the country more varied. The attendance of church on Sundays, participation in weddings and christening as well as in other honourable events or visiting pubs were mingled with participation in different societies and communities or in the events organised by such communities and societies. Such active societies as Corporate Event Society, Voluntary Firefighter Society and Ranger Society combined their effort in order to provide a real celebration on November 18 in Salacgriva.

The first society ever to be established in Salacgriva was – Salacgriva Corporate Event Society. It was established on January 27, 1890. It continued its work with some minor interruptions until October 12, 1940.

The most diverse documentary testimonies and media information that can be found nowadays about such societies and social communities of the time of the first independency of Latvia: Social Society, Voluntary Firefighter Society, the Salaca seashore fishermen's trade association, the Rangers and the women committee of Lutheran Church Lielsalaca.